Here Is My Story

Farm Entrance

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  Exodus 14:14.

Since the passing of my father in June 2012, it has been a struggle looking after the family land in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.  Securing ownership of the land after his death was more of a challenge than I had anticipated it would be.  It took me many months, but eventually I realized I needed to put it all in God’s hands and see how things played out.  Happily, I can say all is well now and we can proceed with our plans.

Going on its third generation in my family, this land was purchased by my grandparents in the early 1940’s.  And it was eventually gifted to their four children, one of whom was my dear dad. While only one of my dad’s siblings is still living, said sibling is in his elder years now. So the time has come that my generation either tend to the land or sell it.  My husband and I have chosen to tend to the land and give it the love it deserves.  Land on which my dad was raised, land that sits in what was the last of the Indian Territory in Oklahoma, and land first allotted to an Indian and then purchased by a freedman (a former slave to an Indian), has now been placed in my hands.  A portion of this land was a gift from my earthly father and the remaining land belongs to a cousin.  Though the land is not all that monetarily valuable, I promised my father in his last days that I would cherish this land that was so dear to his heart and protect it just as he had done since the days his parents had died.  And if it be my Heavenly Father’s will, I will do just that.

We have been making numerous trips from Kansas to Oklahoma, my husband and I, in an effort to beautify this land in Pontotoc, which sits in Chickasaw Nation.  We aim to restore its beauty just as my grandpa and grandma had done. And it has become our desire (I believe with God’s urging) to bring life back to the abandoned homestead.  It is our plan to build a new house where the old one is standing.  I will share through this website the challenges and the excitement we have been, and will be, facing in our attempts to accomplish our goals. When at times it seems as though we do not have the equipment or the means to get the job done, God unexpectedly places in our path just the right people, with the right tools, who graciously provide us the way. And we are truly thankful. But what I have learned most in this venture thus far is that if we just be still and if it is meant to be . . . then the good Lord will see us through.