House For Sale By Owner—SOLD!

We have finally listed our house in Kansas as “For Sale by Owner”.  And it is bittersweet.

I feel sadness and gladness clustered together.  In one moment, it seems, I am excited for the day we can start building our new home in Oklahoma.  But in another, I am struggling with the thought of leaving our current home.  In one moment, I am hoping this house will sell.  But in another, I worry that it will.  Having built this house in 1994 with the help of family, raising our three children here, and ourselves now having an empty nest, it will be a tough move for us for sure.  But this is what we have been striving for the past three years, and there is no turning back now.  We are not a couple which likes to sit idle.  We have great hopes that we can turn the old homestead in Oklahoma into something beautiful.  And if we don’t do it now, then we shall never know what might have been.


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