Julie PV

Hi! I’m Julie Peavey (aka Jules) (aka PV). I’m a part-time writer, a part-time weaver, but a full-time Christian.

Though I live in Kansas, my husband and I are in the process of clearing abandoned family farmland in southeastern Oklahoma which has been in my family since the 1940’s.  We are in the beginning stages of taking the frame of the existing home on the land and turning it into a modern farmhouse.  All this while also updating our current home for resale.  While we have built a home before, giving an old house a modern farmhouse look is a new venture for us.  Please feel free to share with us any tips, suggestions, or photos of your own farmhouse upgrade that you may have as you watch our progress.

Here is a link to the first book I have written, and probably the last unless I hear God speaking to me.  It is about the history of the county in which my family farmland is located, which was in the last of Indian Territory.  I believe God put a desire in my heart to write this book for three reasons:   1.) To draw me closer to my dying father, 2.) to secure my love for this farm, and 3.) to tell a story that needed to be told.

Many blessings to you!