. . . to my homestead!  I am a Kansas gal determined to bring life back to a family farm in Oklahoma.  And below (for just a bit of fun) is my first homestead restoration video. Since this site was created more than two years after the work began in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, I felt it best to sum up the past two years in a video.

While we have accomplished much, with the help of two farm-loving-cousins, we still have a long road ahead of us. And while most of the work thus far has been thinning out trees—among what seems to be a never-ending supply—and fighting off poison ivy and vines of thorns with a watchful eye for copperheads, with each workday we see the land changing before our eyes. And it is truly both comforting and exciting!

Be sure to check out my blog as well.  And follow our progress on this journey.